HMP seriers of horizontal punching stations, high efficiency, simple operation, easy maintance.


HMP80&HMP95 Horizontal Punching Station

Firm machine design, high-quality production

●    Firm design of HMP series horizontal punching station, fast punching and small loss

●    Verified horizontal punching technology, high precision and efficiency

●    Variable frequency motor controls all circular operation
●    Easy and convenient equipment concept for users
●    Correction function guarantees highly efficient equipment operation
●    Automatic lubricating system, optimized design makes it convenient for equipment maintenance

●    Can be used with HMD50, HMD60 and HMD65 forming machines


Technical Data



Maximum punching area

780x210 mm

930x270 mm

Maximum mold dimension

1000x505 mm

1150x650 mm

Maximum mold weight

1100 kg

1400 kg

Maximum forming product height

125 mm

125 mm

Dry cycle speed

120 cycles/ min

110 cycles/ min

Maximum film width

800 mm

950 mm