HMDP series pre-heating stations heat fast, even, can be used with different types of thermoforming machines for pre-heating process. Easy operation.


HMDP80&HMDP95 Pre-heating Station

Using pre-heating box can obtain higher yields and improve product's quality, no matter thick or thin sheet or especially PP sheet material

●    Cabinet fully sealed, low energy consumption, fast heating and even heat distribution

●    Let sheet material surface and its inner to reach forming temperature, with slight temperature difference

●    Adopt high-temperature probe to measure and ensure correct temperature of sheet material
●    Firm structure, using thermal resistant material to ensure longer lifespan

●    Can be used with HMD series forming machine


Technical Data



Maximum film width


930x270 mm

Highest temperature

150 ℃

150 ℃

Heating mode

Two-stage roller heating

Two-stage roller heating